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A multi-asset brokerage and social trading company, eToro focuses on offering copy trading and financial services. As per data, it is a well-known broker that has managed to create cutting-edge, proven technologies that offer traders with intuitive and powerful tools to enhance their trading performance. This online broker lets you trade, buy, and sell many different financial instruments. it claims to serve more than 10 million users around the world. It is the leading broker who assisted change the ways traders trade in the markets.

eToro It was founded in 2007 by brothers Ronen Assia and Yoni Assia with David Ring. And in 2010, the broker launched its CopyTrading feature and the social investment platform – OpenBook. Now you can check our eToro review & start to trade cryptocurrencies, equities, stock market indices, forex, commodities, ETFs, and more on this platform. Based on eToro vs the platform suitable both for newbie and experienced traders alike. Know more about the CopyPortfolios for better understanding.

Pros of eToro Platform:

Based on our eToro review, we classified below advantages of platform:

  • Low fees
  • Intuitive and simple social trading platform
  • Trade a range of cryptocurrencies
  • Highly regulated
  • Thousands of assets to trade
  • Investors can earn from followers


By checking this trading platform, we get to know that three relevant financial bodies regulate it. In the UK, the Financial Conduct Authority regulates platforms and eToro (UK) Ltd manages it. While on continental Europe, it is regulated by CySECand is managed by eToro (Europe) Ltd. This makes it a completely legit platform to make trades.


As a regulated broker, it obeys all the regulatory requirements that are imposed by different regulatory bodies. As an imperative element of regulation, it uses the latest and most modern encryption security and technology system to accomplish the security of clients’ data and funds. Moreover, in the platform the broker keeps the funds of its clients in Tier 1 banks only for segregation and safety. the platform doesn’t have any kind of hidden fees and is fully transparent when it comes to the social trading platform. By the eToro review, we get to know that it ensures to keep the users well-informed about any risks associated with cryptocurrencies trading.

Social Trading on eToro

Regardless of your experience, selling and buying assets through the platform is very simple. According to trading experts, it is known to be one of the first ones to launch the social trading phenomenon. Everyday investors can discuss, debate and share portfolio strategies through this platform and novice traders can copy other traders’ investments. Thus, it has become one of the largest and the fastest developing brokers in recent years.

Social Trading


CopyPortfolio is a wonderful portfolio management service offered by eToro. It lets you copy different markets depending on the investment strategy. This feature can help you cut down on risks and expand your portfolio. You can use eToro CopyPortfolios service with a minimum investment of $5000.

eToro Reviews CopyPortfolio

You get an option to select from the 3 portfolios mentioned below:


The platform focuses on the two popular cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.


It focuses on cryptocurrencies having more than $1 billion market cap.


The platform consists of large-cap cryptos.

Tradable Products

As per eToro review, it covers thousands of financial assets to trade. Every asset class has its characteristics and it can be traded using different investment strategies. These include commodities, cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, stocks, market indices, and ETFs. The newest addition to this broker lets you trade cryptocurrencies with ease.

Trading Platforms

As per the difference between eToro vs NAGA, eToro has a proprietary platform that has been built in-house and the platform enables both social trading and individual trading. Moreover, we get to know from the data that you do not need to download or install any software for this. Use your web browser to access this platform directly. With this web-based platform, you can browse traders, assets, and strategies, execute your trades, and even manage your account. You are definitely going to like its simplicity.

Mobile Trading Platform

for the convenience of clients, it has a mobile trading platform as well. You can either download it for the App Store or the Play Store depending on your device. According to eToro review, It lets you do everything that you can do on its web-based platform from your comfort. With this mobile trading platform, now you can easily manage your trades using your smartphone or tablet.

eToro Reviews Mobile Application

Trading Academy

As per our information, we find out that Except for the updates and market analysis offered by the other traders on eToro, the platform also offers a range of conceptual and educational tools like articles, videos, eBooks, webinars, and more. We will assure you from our end that once you join this platform, you can rest assured to get all this for free.

eToro Fees

According to eToro review, you can trade for free in Europe using it, while you will have to pay a low fee if you are a non-EU client. The fee comes in the form of spreads, which is the difference between the ask price and the bid price. There is an inactivity fee also but it’s okay since there are no account, custody, and deposit fees. The withdrawal and currency conversation fees on platform are a bit higher. But we find out as per our information that they will charge only when you deposit or withdraw money in currencies except for US dollars.

Customer Support

eToro has a committed customer service department. The broker has almost all the common concerns and issues addressed in its FAQ section. However, if your question or concern about the trading platform & it is not included in that, you can then submit a ticket with your query.


The eToro exclusive benefits and features provided to the users justify the platform’s great popularity across the world. You can check here Its large community of investors, traders, copyable portfolios, and followers since its launch is also quite impressive. Moreover, according to eToro review, it keeps on increasing its offering both in the form of tradable assets and geographically. It is an exceptional trading platform and a multi-asset broker for the newbies. Seasoned traders will also benefit from the features it has and they will appreciate them highly. Big thanks to lesser limitations and greater leverage.

So, whether you’re a short-term trader or long-term, a seasoned trader or a complete newbie, the trading platform has all that you need to fulfill your trading and investing needs under one roof. It provides you with every functionality that you need to trade professionally and efficiently.

1: What is eToro trading?

Ans: eToro is a well-known broker that offers you powerful tools to enhance your trading performance.

2: Can I trade real stock on an eToro demo account?

Ans: As per our eToro review, each user receives $100,000 in the demo account & also it gives you access to all of the assets, including real stock trading.

3: Can I make money on eToro?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely make money from the platform and you become a famous investor & earn a 2% annual fee.

4: Can the eToro platform be trusted?

Ans: Yes, the platform is trusted and it is monitored & regulated by CySEC and FCA.

5: How many eToro trading accounts can I have?

Ans: It is possible to have more than one account, but you will need to register with the same name & provide the same documents as in your other existing account.

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